AS 450 Top

AS 450 Top

Single mitre saw with upwards blade, Ø 450mm
  • Manual rotation of the working table, up to 20° both toward right that toward left.
  • Quick positioning of the working table on pre‐selected angles (90°, 45°).
  • Manual positioning at any intermediate angle, with pneumatic locking.
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    Rotation capacity of the cutting unit toward right°20
    Rotation capacity of the cutting unit toward left°20
    Diametre of the sawblademm450
    Sawblade boremm50
    Speed of the rotating toolrpm2800
    Electric frequencyHz50-60
    Power of the motorkW2,2
    Electric power supplyV(230)/400
    Air consumption of compressed air per working cycleNl16
    Pneumatic operating pressurebar7
    Height of the machinemm± 1460/1610
    Width of the machinemm± 970
    Length of the machinemm± 830/1390
    Weight of the machinekg± 345
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features - AS 450 Top

  • Blade feed by mean of hydro‐pneumatic unit
  • The structure foreseen for the support of the profile is shiftable manually, to increase the cutting capacity at 90°.
  • Protective hood of the cutting zone with pneumatic drive movement
  • Lubrication tool system with a spraying mist device (Venturi system)
  • Pre‐arranged to connect an exhaust extractor for swarfs and oily mist

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equipment - AS 450 Top

  • TCT sawblade Ø 450x50x3 (mm)
  • Vertical pneumatic clamp (no. 2)
  • Horizontal pneumatic clamp, front side (no. 2)
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