FR 810

FR 810

One-spindle copy router
  • Also suitable for working on steel.
  • Suitable for passing workings.
  • Manual working cycle.
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    Routing capacitymm240×120
    Vertical strokemm110
    Clamping capacitymm220x100

    Rotating tool speedrpm2040-11200
    Power of the motorkW0,75
    Electric power supplyV230-400 ±5%
    Pneumatic operating pressurebar7
    Height of the machinemm1700
    Width of the machinemm800
    Length of the machinemm800
    Weight of the machinekg130


features - FR 810

  • 2-speeds spindle changing the belt position.
  • Double acting pneumatic copy finger.
  • Pneumatic locking of the spindle at the required height position.
  • Maximum roting capacity despite of compact construction.
  • Simply tool changing thanks to a self-releasing system.
  • Copy routing on an 1:1 ratio.
  • Routing up to stops or from copying jig.
  • Routing out of cylinder lock holes in profiles ,up to 70 mm wide.



equipment - FR 810

  • Copying finger with three diameters (n. 2)
  • Mechanical stop reference mounted on the rod (n. 1 pair)
  • Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps.
  • Universal copying template
  • No. 1 tool holders & tools set
  • Spray mist lubrication (Venturi)


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