TDC 622 Edgemaster-5A

TDC 622 Edgemaster-5A

Double mitre saw with upward movement of the blades for the dynamic compound cuts
  • Fixed cutting unit on the left. Powered positioning of the mobile cutting unit.
  • 5 Axis managed through CNC, driven by brushless servomotors.
  • Rotation of cutting tables toward the outside and toward the inside.
  • Inclination of the groups of cut up to 45°.
  • Standard cutting cycle with swiveling movement of the cutting units. Dynamic cutting cycle with the transferring of the cutting groups combined with the swiveling movement of the cutting units.
  • Control unit with touch screen 12 “
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    Useful cutting length (max. 90°)mm5000 6000
    Useful cutting length (min. 90°)mm390
    Diameter of the sawblademm600
    Sawblade boremm32
    Speed of the rotating toolrpm2800
    Power of the motorkW5,0(x2)
    Installed electric powerKw13,8
    Fasi elettriche3+N+T
    Assorbimento Elettrico NominaleA30
    Coppia continua a rotore bloccatoNm2,4
    Positioning repeatabilitymm± 0,015
    Pneumatic operating pressurebar7
    Air consumption of compressed air per working cycleNl55
    5 m. useful stroke
    Overall dimensionsmmL/L=±7400
    Weight (5 m. useful stroke)kg± 2440
    6 m. useful stroke
    Overall dimensionsmmL/L=±8400
    Weight of the machine (6 m. useful stroke)kg± 2520
    The right to make alterations is reserved.
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features - TDC 622 Edgemaster-5A

  • Wide cutting capacity also with blades Ø 600 mm
  • Tools lubrication with Minimal Quantity Lubrication system (MQL system)
  • Dynamic protection guards for a total covering of the cutting area
  • The locking systems of the profile are mobile with automatic movements linked to the angular positions of the cutting bases.
  • Equipped with a motorized conveyor belt for swarfs and wastes (cut-proof PVC).
  • Pre-arranged to connect an exhaust extractor for swarfs and oily mist.


equipment - TDC 622 Edgemaster-5A


  • Mobile roller conveyor (3,5 m)
  • TCT saw blade Ø 600 mm (n. 2)
  • Pneumatic vertical vices (no. 2 pairs)
  • Minimal Quantity Lubrication system (MQL system)
  • PVC‐belt conveyor for swarfs and wastes
  • Compressed air treatment group (Air filter/Lubricator/Regulator)


  • TCT saw blade Ø 600 mm
  • Hinging workpiece support (automatically operating)
  • Movable vacuum cleaner
  • Kit for automatic start of a vacuum cleaner
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Preparation kit for use of a printer
  • Bar code reading device


Equipped with MS Windows XP compatible computer - TDC 622 Edgemaster-5A

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