The expert, cutting-edge design of machinery and production systems for working aluminium, PVC and light alloys is the secret of the outstanding quality, function and reliability of MECAL products.
The constant presence of a specific design department within the company provides true added value. Thanks to on-site design, all MECAL machinery and solutions start life as standard products but are designed in such a way as to be easily and successfully “customised” to cater for the specific requirements of the end users and their line of business and satisfy an extremely broad range of industries and operational needs.
Such outstanding flexibility is at the heart of all the company’s products.


The superb quality, functionality and reliability of MECAL products is guaranteed by an advanced engineering and design department sta ed by dynamic and highly quali ed personnel. The presence of a dedicated, full-time, in-house engineering and design department represents a key added value for MECAL’s customers.

MECAL machines and solutions are designed from the start to be fully and easily con gured to meet the needs of customers in di erent sectors and to satisfy the requirements of various areas of industry.

MECAL’s success is based on added value and real bene ts for the customer:

An efficient and continuous after-sales service guarantees the perfect functionality of MECAL machines and systems at all times and under all possible circumstances.
MECAL attributes particular importance to customer service and maintains a centralised after-sales organisation at its headquarters to solve problems in the shortest possible time.


  • Flexibility in satisfying customer needs
  • Innovative technology
  • Rapid response to changing markets
  • Complete solutions for complex production systems
  • Vast specialist experience
  • Highly quali ed after-sales personnel
  • Efficient service and closeness to the customer, through MECAL’s own sales network and distributors
  • User-friendly machines, products and software
  • MECAL’s resources, competence and capacity allow customers to look to the future with con dence.