Deep rooted strength built in this sector for over thirty years of activity and of successes, MECAL MACHINERY offers its clients a vast distinct range of products, characterized by high-tech and innovation but at the same time it allows for easy practical usage: machining centres, single or double head cutting machines, complementary machines (notching saw machines, routers, crimpers), a vast assortment of models for the handling of goods and the assembly of accessories.

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A line of machines totally dedicated to working PVC profiles. A fundamental step towards a new and decisive development of a company that, in more than three decades of business, has known how to take over the leadership in its sector. Great know-how which is, at the same time, a winning mix of experience, continuous updates on cutting edge technologies and, above all, maximum sensitivity to what each customer really wants, from the small frame maker to the big firm.

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A new line of products studied specifically for the processing of tubular steel profiles, thanks to innovative technology which allows for an excellent level of precision and high speed cutting and the processing of steel profiles, without ignoring the safety of the operator. Access this area and discover the innovations.

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