MC 302 Geos – 5 MDT

MC 302 Geos – 5 MDT

5 axis CNC floor type vertical spindle machining center.
  • 5 axis (X, Y, Z, C, A) managed by CNC.
  • It’s designed for working aluminium profiles of big dimensions.
  • MDT means “Cutting Module”. It is a system to obtain multiple pieces derived from a single profile bar. The clamps used are equipped with independent drive. It is expected that each workpiece is held by at least two vices; once cut, the segment obtained is automatically moved along the longitudinal axis of the machine, up to reach a given position.
  • Suitable for milling, drilling, tapping and cutting on the 5 sides of aluminium and light alloys profiles.
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    X axis strokemm8600/10600/12600
    X axis rapid speed max.m/1’70
    Y axis strokemm1570
    Y axis rapid speed max.m/1’60
    Z axis strokemm740
    Z axis rapid speed max.m/1’40
    A axis strokedeg± 125°
    C axis strokedeg± 220°
    Electrospindle rated powerkW12
    Max speed rotationrpm24000
    Cooling systemLiquid
    Tool holder coneHSK-F63
    Blade diameter max.mm500
    Side & Face milling cutter diameter max.mm200
    Weightkg± 10500
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Feature - MC 302 Geos – 5 MDT

  • The axis slide on precision profile guides and are driven by motors operated with digital systems.
  • All slide ways and ball recirculation screws are lubricated through an automatic centralized system.
  • Clamp with rapid adjustment.
  • The vices slide on precision profile guides and are positioned with independent motorization on each clamp, managed by CNC.
  • The independent powered system allows the positioning of each individual clamp unit in a very reduced time. This system allows the automatic repositioning of the clamp during the machining.
  • Fully equipped with digital technology. The data communication is via optical fiber, ensuring high transmission speed and a complete absence of interferences caused by external factors (frequency, voltage).
  • Max working section: 550 x 320 mm (YxZ)
  • The longitudinal area of the machine can be used as a single working field or in pendular mode obtaining 2 separate working zones, with loading and unloading of the pieces in masked time. You can machine different pieces inside
  • the 2 working areas.
  • The electric spindle liquid cooled, with HSK F 63 tool holder and power 12 kW, with encoder, allows the execution of rigid tapping (M20).
  • The rotating tool magazine with 18 positions is located on the carriage of the machine and thus reducing significantly the tool change time. The blade (max Ø 500 mm) is placed on the carriage on an extra tool magazine.
  • Milling operations can be performed with linear and circular interpolation of the axes X?Y?Z.
  • The strong base formed by tubulars guarantees the fundamental structural rigidity of the machine.
  • The tools cooling is realized through a centralised minimal system.
  • Equipped with cutting module (MDT), a system to obtain multiple pieces derived from a single profile bar.
  • It is expected that each workpiece is held by at least two vices. Once cut, the segment obtained is automatically moved along the longitudinal axis of the machine, up to reach a given position.
  • Pre‐arranged for the inclusion of a motorized belt conveyor for evacuation of chips.


Equipment - MC 302 Geos – 5 MDT

  • No. 1 electric spindle liquid cooled, HSK?F 63, rpm 24000, kW 12
  • No. 1 tools magazine at 18 places
  • No. 1 Tools magazine for blade
  • No. 8 powered locking clamps
  • No. 1 tools set
  • No. 1 Laser scanner
  • No. 1 Set of perimeter fence
  • Compressed air treatment unit (filter/reducer/lubricator)
  • PC desktop
  • Operative system Windows XP
  • “Display TFT 17″”, keyboard QWERTY, mouse PS/2″
  • CAD CAM 3D Graphic software


CAD CAM 3D - The new MECAL 3D software for the management and programming process of machines. - MC 302 Geos – 5 MDT

Easy of use

  • Developed to render the approach for programming the machine tools to be the most intuitive possible, without the need to specifically know ISO language.
  •  It is characterized by a human machine interface, a machine purposely studied to render the usage of software and the development of all the necessary operations in the simplest possible way.
  •  All of the basic programming is already inserted as a macro, and can be applied to the various sides of the part even by means of the drag & drop function.


  • The representation of the work piece in 3D, how to lodge it inside the machine and of the tools to be used allows to avoid errors and reduce the chances of damaging the machine.
  • At the beginning of the process, a completion time will be provided; this facilitates the planning for production.
  • CAD CAM 3D is compatible with main calculation and construction software programs, like Wictop, Logikal, Klaes, Schücal, Opera, … (to mention the most well known).
  • It permits easy uploads of these programs, and programming of the machine with the aid of a barcode reader.


  • With CAD CAM 3D it is also possible to purchase a simulator, that allows for verification of timing and production of work process without the need to actually test parts on the machine.

Automatization of production

  • The converter IGES imports external designs completed in SW CAD 3D and creates in automatic the program to process the work.
  • This characteristic is in high demand in the industry sector where the designs are often submitted in CAD like Inventor, Solid Works, Solid Edge, etc.
  •  With this software the work process of the machine limits the positioning of the clamped part and the selection of the work to be processed; this will be recognized by the automatic program.
  • In this phase, modifications pertaining to dimensions and type of work process can still be made, while some other selections can be excluded.
SVG cover layer an animated layer to switch from one slide to the next one